Career management

An effective career management for project and technical specialists is also one of the major success factors in the war for talent

Are there to be other career paths in the company besides that of the traditional management career? The clear answer is YES. More than ever, companies must use the technical and specialist know-how of their employees to strengthen their competitive position. Furthermore, managements need to offer incentives to encourage employees to utilize all their knowledge and potential and also secure their long-term loyalty and commitment to their companies.

Career paths devised for project and technical specialists are one way to achieve these objectives. But what, indeed, are appropriate career paths? Which departments are suited for implementing a career system that differs from the classical career path? And how can one identify those jobs or fields of activity which offer career opportunities?

Basic concepts of career models

The starting point of a project or specialist career is the identification of jobs or appropriate functions and their linkage to career paths. Every career path should provide exclusive career opportunities. Furthermore, only those career paths should be defined and promoted which are to the company’s advantage through the exploitation of decentralized knowledge, and which increase the long-term loyalty of experts and high potentials and help to achieve corporate goals, and support the corporate culture.

Our evaluation system is the basis for a value-oriented development of project and specialist career paths. Its aim is to identify and evaluate jobs and fields of work for their suitability as career paths and combine them with one another. This value-orientation helps, moreover, to define those entitled to receive fringe benefits, and how the individual remuneration packages of experts and high potentials should be composed.

Furthermore, by detailing the requirements of each individual job or function within the career path, it is possible to integrate this into the aims of HR development.

We support you in the development of company-specific career models. Together with you, we open up development opportunities for your employees and executives, and boost your
appeal as an employer.

Advantage of our approach:

  • development and implementation of company-specific career models taking into account organizational requirements, and feasibility
  • establishment of structural frameworks for optimal handling of staff succession and career planning
  • outlining of development perspectives for employees and executives
  • comparability of different career paths by means of the SMS evaluation system