Organization – Overview

Compared with the ability to intelligibly assign the work of a single day,
everything else in life is child’s play.

Intelligent corporate strategies can only be fully effective if they build on intelligently managed organizational structures. Ambitious cost targets can only be achieved if efficiency potentials within the organizational structure are realized. And finally, personnel tools to ensure optimal deployment of human capital, HR development and motivation can only be as successful as the organizational structures and processes permit.

Therefore, organizational management plays a vital role in corporate success. It has to act between the often rival priorities of market orientation, performance orientation, and specific functional requirements.

Organizational decisions are strategic. They have a big impact on other domains, especially HR management. For this reason, making organizational and personnel philosophies mutually compatible is just as important as linking the corresponding concepts.

With our integrated modular concept we take account of such linking. Several organizational issues that are interdependent can be conceived and implemented. Moreover, the possibility for linking existing and further personnel tools is always preserved.

The essence of our approach is the principle of job requirements. Based on job descriptions different functions can be evaluated. The results flow into the organizational analyses and contribute to the design of modern career concepts.

Job description

Job evaluation / grading system

Analysis of organizational structure

Career management