Target agreement system

Only those who know where they must go, find the way.

In order to guarantee long-term corporate success in times of rapid change, companies need to combine all their forces optimally. The contribution of each employee is decisive for success of the companies. Therefore, the work of every person involved needs to be in line with the corporate strategy.

But how does a company succeed in gearing each individual employee’s performance towards its strategic corporate goals, at the same time motivating that person?

This is made possible by the application of a stringent yet flexible management tool. Target agreements allow consistent corporate management, on the one hand, by alignment with the corporate goals, and on the other, by motivating each individual employee with targets and corresponding rewards for excellent performance.
In the past, target agreement systems were exclusively reserved for the corporate management and senior executives at higher levels. Today, it is a tool used at all levels.

In its implementation, our focus is on clearly defined, measurable targets and a transparent, understandable, and participatory controlled process. Communication is the decisive factor in this context. Only if tools are understood, accepted and actively utilized by employees, can they achieve the desired effect and contribute added value to the company.

Advantage of our approach:

  • Stringent, sustainable, and long-term corporate management
  • Enhancement of competitiveness and added value
  • Encouragement of performance and profit orientation
  • Enhancement of employees’ motivation and participation
  • Use of target agreements for variable remuneration systems