Performance appraisal

Good performance alone is not enough. It must also be honored.

The entire range of employees’ performances generates corporate success. The employees are the “engine” of a company. The performance of the employee has always been the decisive factor in assessing the value of the human contribution to the company’s success.

A differentiated and just assessment of employee performance assessment is not only an important indicator for the company’s decisions on remuneration and career developments, but is also increasingly demanded by the employees themselves. To ensure this, SMS CONSULTING offers a standardized and objective tool for your performance appraisal. A fair and understandable procedure on the basis of defined criteria helps managers to assess their subordinates’ performance. Assessments based entirely on undefined gut feeling are avoided. Precise explanations and comprehensible results increase acceptance of assessments among the employees because it is their actual performance that will be recognized and, where appropriate, rewarded.

We support you in devising and implementing the annual performance appraisal. Our approach is characterized by a unified assessment basis and an application of clearly defined criterions. We thereby enable an objective assessment of managers and employees.

The results of the performance appraisal can be used for salary and career decisions as well as HR development measures.

Advantage of our approach:

  • Objective and structured performance appraisal
  • Enhancement of motivation and performance orientation
  • Transparency and understandable feedback for the employees
  • Results can be used for a variety of HR issues