Appraisal interview

In essence, to lead employees means speaking with them

The manager and his employees frequently meet each other in daily work situations. In this context, communication can be diverse, ranging from general discussion – or “small-talk” to job-specific coordination and feedback processes and even openly expressed conflicts. The distinctions between these forms of communication are often blurred – sometimes intentionally, and sometimes due to a specific corporate culture.

One form of communication should clearly be demarcated, regarding both the contents and the process: the appraisal interview as a central management tool.

The aims of the appraisal interview can be as follows:

  • appraisal of existing cooperation within the company
  • feedback on individual performance, development areas and strengths 
  • targeted planning of training and upgrading of training 
  • feedback addressed to the manager, wishes and requests 
  • creation of frankness and transparency 
  • identification and management of conflicts 
  • motivation among employees and managers

The most important thing in a discussion is to hear what hasn’t been said.

The appraisal interview is a structured and targeted discussion between the manager and his employee (subordinate), following defined roles and communication rules, and clearly limited in time and content. Which elements the interview comprises is determined together with the customer and depends on the desired objective.

Together with you, we develop a solution that is specific for your company’s needs. Critical issues in developing and implementing a structured appraisal interview are (as follows):

  • What is the aim of the interview? 
  • Which elements is the interview to comprise? 
  • How often, when and how long should appraisal interviews take place? 
  • How are the manager(s) and employees to prepare for the discussion? 
  • How are the roles of those conducting the interview defined?
  • What are the given rules of interaction?
  • How is success of the interview measured? 
  • What sanctions are applied if the rules are not observed (adhered to)?

Theory is all well and good – what about practice?

Managers can be sensitized to critical moments that occur in the course of the appraisalinterview by means of implementation workshops. In addition, managers should be prepared and coached for the detailed planning, execution and subsequent processing of the interview itself. For this purpose we can provide our know-how and moderating skills.

Advantage of our approach:

  • Development or adaption of appraisal interviews to meet the customer’s requirements 
  • Structured and easily applied interview guidelines 
  • Inclusion of all the critical issues and the response to these
  • Implementation support in providing information and training of managers and employees