Employees – Overview

An enterprise is only as good as its employees

The ideal match between the requirements of a job and the individual competencies of the employee is one of the essential factors for corporate success. In addition to the successful fulfillment of tasks, job satisfaction and employee motivation are required, for these are recognized as vital in achieving greater individual commitment and thus in reaching the aims of a company.

Although this formula sounds fairly logical, it represents a major challenge in common leadership practice, because to match the job properly with the right employee, the manager must first of all know the job’s requirements, assess the competences of an employee, and also work out clear recommendations useful for the further development of the employee’s talent. Moreover, managers have the often very difficult task of communicating the assessment results in feedback to their employees, in a way that is appropriate and geared to the target group.

We support our customers in defining and determining the competencies of their managers and employees, and help to derive clear recommendations concerning career decisions and individual possibilities of development. Furthermore, together with the customer, SMS CONSULTING works out the framework, components, and rules for employee assessment interviews and provides know-how for their implementation.

The aim is to minimize the risk of “costly mistakes” in decisions on recruitment, promotion and individual development, and to maximize the “degree of accuracy” in such decisions.

Competence models

Potential analysis und talent management

Staff appraisal