Compensation analyses / benchmarks

Clear orientation and easily implemented recommendations for all salary components
The often complex company-internal compensation situation can be depicted in a simple, transparent and clear way by using compensation analyses.

A close scrutiny of the compensation structure enables conclusions to be drawn about the internal consistency and fairness of the company’s salary structure. Moreover, through appropriate market comparisons and compensation benchmarks, e.g. with salary data from a group of companies in the same industry and with cross-sectoral or country-specific data-samples, it is possible to evaluate the adequacy and competitiveness of your salary policy. Current salary benchmarks help to ensure the competitiveness of the individual compensation packages.

We have access to a variety of different databases:

  • Sectoral databases (e.g. steel, insurances, banks and financial services, pharmaceuticals, IT)
  • Cross-sectoral and country-specific databases
  • DAX-, M-DAX-, und S-DAX databases, used for the determination of executive compensation

We support you in your compensation decisions through reliable and comprehensible recommendations for the entire remuneration package of every job-holder. This is based on objective criteria and uniform standards which ensure the comparability of every function in relation to internal and external compensation structures.

Advantage of our approach:

  • Transparency and clarity of the salary situation
  • Improvement of comparability relating to remuneration
  • Foundation of mid-term changes in individual salary trends
  • Systematic and comprehensible basis for decisions concerning:
    • Salary adjustments
    • Determination of salaries for newly hired employees
    • Composition of the different remuneration components