Compensation – Overview

Money is an argument. And often not the worst, in fact.

An important prerequisite for recruiting qualified employees, keeping their services and securing their long-term loyalty, is a remuneration policy that is performance-oriented, highly motivating and in line with the market. Given the manifold solutions applied in today’s compensation landscape, the question is how this can be achieved despite strict budgetary constraints.

Whereas in earlier years, discussions on these issues concerned only the ratio between basic salary and bonus, nowadays other factors like the “long-term effect of incentives” or the “attractive design of fringe benefits” play an increasingly important role in the perception of both executives and employees.

Ultimately, what this involves for a company is the establishment of a basis for an appropriate relation between compensation and the tasks and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled. Only in this way can sensible remuneration systems, accepted by all concerned, be integrated throughout the entire company.

In all matter related to compensation, we support you with competent and comprehensive advice. No matter what the specific problem: individual determination of compensation, implementation of a systematic compensation management, or design of a future remuneration policy – we help you reach your goals fast and reliably.
Clear orientation and concrete recommendations for the entire remuneration package!

Scope of service at one glance

  • Executive compensation
  • Compensation of managerial staff, non-tariff and tariff employees
  • Conformity check of board members' remuneration, regarding legal requirements
  • Development and implementation of a systematic compensation management
  • Remuneration concepts and strategies; recommendations for remuneration policy
  • Company-internal remuneration analyses
  • International market comparisons / compensation benchmarks
  • Long-term incentive concepts
  • Stock participation of employees
  • Design of fringe benefits
  • Individual determination of compensation
  • Global IT solutions for your remuneration and talent management

Compensation analyses / benchmarks

Modern compensation concepts

Executive compensation